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Generations of inspiration: Jimmy Choo and Lucy Choi

by Jennifer, March 15, 2012

Generations of inspiration

Describing herself as the “the world’s oldest living teenager” it’s no wonder nonagenarian Iris Apfel is an inspiration to many designers due to her bold sense of style. After the stylish New Yorker released an exhibition of her wardrobe in 2005, featuring key outfits styled on mannequins exactly as she wore them, she became increasingly famous and popular with street style bloggers around the city. Adding to the ever growing list of admirers is Jimmy Choo with the recent release of the eye catching Iris shoe.


The Iris

Image source

Taking thought from Iris’ love of ethnic prints, colours and tribal jewellery, the Iris shoe is a hand woven, sky high stiletto tan heel adorned with colourful beading that cascades down the front. Albeit a design Apfel is unlikely to wear, it’s certainly one to admire. Also released as part of the range are a slightly more wearable flat sandal and bag featuring similar embellishments.

Also in the range, the Xara bag:

Image source

Lucy Choi

With inspiration flowing from Jimmy Choo creative directors, Sandra Choi and Simon Holloway, it’s time to welcome the next generation of designers that have been inspired in the Choo family, introducing: Lucy Choi. Inspired by her Uncle, Jimmy Choo and sister Sandra, Lucy Choi has created her own stunning range of footwear, named ‘Rock & Royal’, that combines a unique heritage with design expertise  and superior craftsmanship to release a collection of shoes to suit all occasions (hence the name!).

A sneak peak at some of the Rock & Royal range!

Launching in March 2012, Lucy Choi London will soon be on the shelves of Daniel Footwear shortly and we couldn’t be more excited about it! The brand bases their designs on luxurious silhouettes, exquisite fabrics and striking embellishments along with a key factor – comfort. The Rock and Royal range has a shoe for each occasion in your life whether it’s a casual shopping trip, nights out on the town or job interviews and weddings. With new releases each season in materials to suit every style of shoe; the Lucy Choi London range is one we’re sure you’ll love as much as we do.

We love the reptile finish on these peep toe heels!

This classic court shoe is the signature style behind the Lucy Choi London range and is available in a variety of fabrics, prints, colours and even heel heights. Holding the brand’s philosophy, this elegant, pointed court shoe has the ability to see a girl through each stage of her life!

Lucy Choi London – coming soon to Daniel Footwear!

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