Bronx Shoes have always been strongly influenced by the streets of New York City; incorporating a combination of the culture, street fashion and the vibrant music scene into the defining style of Bronx Designer Shoes. Emerging from a former family run company that has been up and running for nearly a century; the brand has established themselves as a leading competitor in the designer fashion footwear industry. These fabulous shoes have managed to appeal to both men and women worldwide, originally evolving from simple work boots and shoes into a popular and diverse range of fashion forward footwear that includes everything from casual trainers and sandals, to smart boots and formal shoes. Whether a “Shoe-activist”, “Shoe-ista” or a “Shoe-fanatic”; there is sure to be a design for everybody! Their contemporary collections host a range of on trend designs, which are comfortable, durable, fun and outspoken. Bronx Shoes house the perfect designer men’s and women’s shoes to “match any moment” – whenever, wherever!

For stylish and casual designer women’s shoes at Daniel Footwear; the Bronx ‘Brozip’ gladiator sandal is one of our most popular items. Available in a range of colours (black, gold, white and silver); the abundant strapping makes it an ideal style for those sunny days out. Maxi dresses, shorts or jeans are the perfect partner for this design. For ladies Autumn/Winter footwear, the ‘Ripsaw’ heel boot is a fabulous design from the brand. Available in leather or suede (black, brown or tan); this is a shoe that is smart enough for both work and nights on the town – come rain or shine! Team up with pencil dresses and tights or drainpipe jeans for a ‘chic’ look.


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