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FitFlop was designed and created by collaboration of expert bio mechanists named Dr David Cook, Darren James and Marcia Kilgore which was then launched in 2007. The footwear brand was welcomed with open arms and gained loyal customers from around the world. The positive reaction from the public resulted in a rapid growth of designs and styles that helped to cater for every individuals need. From flip-flops to snow boots, all areas of design were covered.


With all of this publicity and popularity around the globe, it proves there is something truly special about the mighty FitFlop. The secret of the phenomenal footwear is the microwobbleboard that is incorporated into the mid-sole of each pair of FitFlops. The low-density midsection of the sole creates a slight destabilisation that challenges your muscles every time you walk or run wearing Fit Flop shoes. This feature makes your legs work harder than they would in standard trainers or shoes, giving you a workout whilst you walk.  This great brand of shoes offers a function forward footwear concept for everyone to take full advantage of.  Best selling styles include Fitflop Due


FitFlop can now be purchased across the globe and are available in a huge range of colour and designs for men, women and children to wear and love. Browse the full collection of FitFlop footwear here at Daniel Footwear. We offer a range of womens shoes and sandals from the designer brand include FitFlop Ballerinas and Fitflop wedges

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