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About Us

Our History

The story of Daniel Footwear begins in 1993. With a  background in shoes and some hard-won experience in retail, our founder Daniel Buck put his best foot forward and launched the Daniel brand you see today.

Opening up the first shop in Oakwood in the North East of England, it wasn’t long before we expanded to nearby Newcastle and onto Manchester, Harrogate and York. Since then, the Daniel family has found its way into several locations across the UK.

In our fledgling, formative years, we were also an early endorser of Jimmy Choo and Prada shoes and were one of the first to bring these high-end brands to the UK. We have since added to our roster of top-quality brands and supplemented the Daniel brand with a bold and energetic online presence.

Whilst Daniel started out primarily in women’s footwear, we have since added accessories and a men’s range.


Our Aims


From the very start, we have aimed to bring high-quality, well-known and reputable brands to the online and physical marketplace. From Jimmy Choo to the inimitable DKNY, our strength is in offering excellent materials and unmistakable style to your wardrobe. You will also find Vivienne Westwood, Spanish trendsetters Veja and the immensely recognisable UGG brand in our collections.

Not only are we interested in quality and style with the brands we offer, but we are also devoted to originality. Besides the many brilliant brands you will encounter, you will also notice the Daniel brand. With the Daniel brand, you will get the same dedication to style and quality – our shoes are something that we are incredibly proud of. 

Chief amongst our guiding principles is the commitment to service. We believe making sure you are well looked after should be at the heart of your experience with us. Alongside this, we champion the idea of reliability and work to make Daniel Footwear somewhere that you can return to time and time again with confidence.


What else do we do?

At Daniel, we also love to connect. We are proud to have received national coverage for creating a campaign that invited school children to design a shoe – the winner of which had their design manufactured and sold by us.

We are also keen partners with social and traditional media and personalities more broadly.