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Burberry; Gift Of Love…

With parents as good looking as Victoria and David, it’s not surprising that the Beckham children are 100% model material. This week is was revealed that 2nd born son Romeo would be the face of the Burberry Christmas campaign along with models Hannah Dodds and Anders Hayward.

This was the second time Romeo had been shot for Burberry, making his debut for the brand in 2012 when he was just 10 years old. Having flicked through the images from the recent Burberry shoot, the young star looked like he had been posing in front of the camera his whole life, having said that, It was noted Romeo was a natural on set, making his co-workers laugh and striking his own poses, we wonder when all of the modelling offers will start rolling in for the young fashionista, if they haven’t already!



The message portrayed in the campaign was that of spreading love at Christmas, including the much loved Burberry trench coat and signature scarf.

We’re loving the model choice in the campaign and the message the advert gives off. The only thing we’re worrying about after seeing the ad is that it’s almost Christmas and we’re not the slightest bit prepared!



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