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Festivals are great – perfect for trying out new trends and wearing things that you couldn’t possibly get away with in ‘normal’ situations. Our favourite new festival trend for 2011? The headdress! Don’t pretend like you’ve never wanted to wear one… because we all know you’d be lieing.


The headdress can come in different styles… first up the feather headdress:

Eliza Dolittle in a turquoise feather headress at Coachella this year.


Another Coachella festival attendee, we’re liking the mix of balloons and blue feather headdress, definitely a good festival look. Especially if you lose your friends in the crowd.

Image source: Company magazine

As featured on this month’s issue of Company Magazine – Jameela Jamil looking very happy with her headdress indeed. It is very impressive… we’ve got headdress envy!

The feather headdress is a trend to be wary of at first… however the more you look at them the more they make sense. We wouldn’t recommend buying one for festival use – as it’ll probably get ruined, especially if it rains. Making one shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve got some spare time. If you’re feeling shy about this trend then you should head to Bestival this year. The fancy dress theme is rockstars, popstars & divas and the Village People are playing so it really makes sense for you to sport a headdress.

Next up, the more subtle of the headdresses – the flower garland:


The flower garland can come in different styles from big daisies…


To a more subtle single flower, as worn by Kate Bosworth in the picture above. This trend is great for looking feminine and like a 70’s wild child and is the best headdress option for you if you’re not looking for such a…dramatic…look.

By now you should have worked out what kind of headdress person you are – let’s just hope it doesn’t rain otherwise it could all be a total disaster. The best thing to remember is not to take yourself to seriously and to embrace the headdress because you’ll only really get to wear them once, maybe twice if you’re lucky.

If you’re looking for some festival footwear don’t forget to check out our festival style pics here:


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