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How To Style Guide

How to Style Your Classic UGG Boots

UGG Boots are a highly-recognisable and incredibly popular choice for many women, thanks to their distinct look and comfort. Given their comfort, you’d be forgiven for thinking they are limited in terms of styling. Luckily, there are a few ways to approach getting the best out of this incredibly versatile boot. This guide should give you more than a few ideas for how to style your classic UGG boots.

UGG boots – an introduction

UGG boots are a type of sheepskin boot that originated in Australia. They became popular in the United States in the early 2000s and have been worn by every type of person ever since – from celebrities to everyday people alike. UGG boots are typically made from twin-faced sheepskin, meaning that the wool is attached to the skin on both sides – so they’re extremely soft and comfortable to wear.

In addition, sheepskin’s natural properties help regulate body temperature, making UGG boots the ideal cold-weather boot. However, one of the reasons why UGG boots have become so popular is their year-round suitability. Whilst they are fur-lined, models with open backs can certainly be worked into your wardrobe, even when it’s not as cold outside.

Practical styling tips for UGGs

With UGGs, there are a couple of things to bear in mind before thinking about colours and specific looks. Firstly, for a more polished and neat look, tuck your jeans into your boots. Doing this will also elongate your leg, making you look taller and leaner. Making sure you layer up in the legwear department is also a good idea with UGG boots, as bare legs may look a little odd with this kind of footwear.

A great way to style UGG Boots for colder weather is to layer them with a pair of opaque tights and a dress or skirt. In the main, this will keep you warm and ensure that bare feet don’t come into contact with the wool and suede fabric that comprises the UGG.

Ugg Boots (3)

UGG boots by colour

Tan and earth tone UGG boots

The beauty of tan UGGs is in their ability to be styled with just about anything, making them a versatile and stylish addition to any wardrobe. They can be worn with jeans, leggings, or even a dress for a chic and casual look. One of the best things about tan UGG boots is that they go with almost any colour.

Because of their versatility, you might want to add a pop of colour. In this case, try pairing them with red for a striking, vibrant look or pink if you’re thinking of something a little gentler. In either case, the tan or brown option can really root your look without it looking like an afterthought.  

Stick to earth tones and natural fabrics to let your footwear shine whilst also making the natural tones take centre stage as a feature of your style.

Colourful UGG boots

If you’re looking for a pop of colour in your wardrobe, consider dusty pink shade UGG. These vibrant examples are sure to turn heads, and they’ll go great with any number of outfits. Whether you’re looking for a playful look or something more eye-catching, colourful UGGs are a great choice.

If pink is somehow too pared-back, don’t worry – these rainbow stripe sliders are a thing of dreams. After seeing what there is to offer in terms of more expressive UGGs, you’ll want to explore what else you can add to your personal style.

Ugg Boots (2)

Grey and black UGG boots

You might want to style your UGG Boots with different colours and patterns to break up the block, monochrome. Try pairing your black or grey boots with a brightly coloured dress or skirt for a fun and unique look. Or, style your boots with a patterned shirt or scarf for a more eclectic aesthetic.

However, black and grey UGG boots are perfect for a more monochromatic look. Style them with all black or all white outfits for an extra touch of sophistication. 

For a Japanese minimalist look, pair flowing, flared fabrics with angular cuts with your black UGGs.

UGG boots in different styles

Much has been made of UGG boots and comfort, so you might wonder how stylish UGG boots can be. There are a few ways to wear your new favourite pair, and it should prove that there’s little by way of limitation when it comes to this incredibly versatile shoe.

City suave

If you’re thinking about a perfect city style, then opt for a pair of UGGs with a blazer. A double-breasted blazer in a coordinating colour is a great way to achieve urban panache. This look treads the line brilliantly between smart and casual – the blending of which has long been a fashion win.

Scandinavian chic

Another option is to go for a Scandinavian-inspired look. To achieve this cool, European aesthetic, pair some dark UGG boots with a bold, block print jumper and a long coat. Playing with different textures and fits is fine, but keep the colour scheme muted, minimal, and monochrome. Similarly, avoid form-fitting clothes and prioritise garments with boxier silhouettes.

Casual style

A third option is to fully embrace the slouchy, relaxed approach that UGG boots might best characterise. ‘Relaxed’ can be anywhere from oversized jersey jumpers, frayed, distressed, or ripped denim and even incorporating a little athleisure with a piece of premium sportswear. After all, appearing intentional in even the most dressed down of styles is the key to achieving cool – something which the humble UGG will help you pull off.      

Remember, UGG boots can always be worn with leggings and a t-shirt for the ultimate comfortable look. So whatever your style, there’s an UGG boot outfit for you.

Ugg Boots (1)

More than UGG boots

UGG Trainers

UGG has come a long way since forming as a brand and their trainers have gained popularity in recent years. It’s easy to see why this is the case, as these stylish shoes are perfect for everything from a casual walk around the block to a night out on the town. 

Whilst the twin-face boots are the cornerstone of their range, their trainer offering is an incredibly smart option for those looking to sharpen up their shoe game.

The Dinale trainer is a brilliant example of UGG’s sense of innovation. It combines a leather upper and a chunky rubber sole to make a really attractive, sportier footwear choice. The Dinale is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your streetwear look.

UGG Slippers

UGG slippers are some of the most comfortable footwear you will find. They’re made from sheepskin, which is naturally soft and has a wool lining that makes for the cosiest of experiences. 

UGGs are also designed to mould to your feet, so they’ll feel like they’re receiving an embrace – a welcome feeling after a busy day. They have a cushioned sole, making UGG slippers great for wearing around the house on hard floors. UGG slippers come in both men’s and women’s variations so achieving comfy, cosy footwear around the home is easy for all.

UGG boots at Daniel Footwear

Besides the wonderful suggestions in this guide, there are more examples of UGG’s stunning range for you to explore. There’s something for everybody, from sliders and flip-flops to biker boots. Explore the full range of UGG products here

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