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Introducing On Running trainers: Why choose On Running shoes?

On Running has changed the landscape of running trainers, from small beginnings in Switzerland in 2010 to becoming a significant player in the world’s running shoe market. The founders of On Running trainers dreamt up a new kind of running shoe, a revolutionary running shoe that would provide two significant features: a cushioned landing and a firm take-off.

With the individual cloud elements on the sole, On Running trainers can provide a cushioned running sensation like no other running shoe. Today the award-winning On Running cloud shoe brand is worn and endorsed by many major athletes and Olympians, which is a testament to their elitism. We’ve put together everything you need to know about On Running trainers to help you find the best running trainer.

Table of Contents

  1. On Running Origins
  2. How to choose the right sized On Running Shoe
  3. Are On Running shoes waterproof?
  4. How to care for On Running shoes?
  5. Which On Running shoe is best for me?

On Running Origins

When did On Running start?

On Running began with the retiring professional athlete, three-time world duathlon champion, and multiple Ironman winner Olivier Bernhard, who devoted himself to finding a running shoe that gave the perfect running sensation. He teamed up with a like-minded Swiss engineer who had an idea for a new running shoe. Together with Oliver’s two friends, Caspar Coppetti and David Allemann, they established On Running in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2010.

Where are On Running shoes made?

On Running shoes were engineered and founded in Switzerland but are manufactured in Vietnam.

How to choose the right sized On Running Shoe

Do On Running shoes fit true to size?

In all our On Running trainer product listings, we indicate whether the trainer is a true-to-size fit or runs slightly smaller or larger. To avoid getting the wrong size shoe, read the descriptions carefully to ensure you get the best running shoe size. For example, the Cloudswift trainer runs small, so we recommend getting half a size bigger than you would normally.

How should On Running shoes fit?

On Running shoes should feel comfortable and snug. We recommend trying them on first which is why we provide UK-wide free returns if you’re not happy with the fit.

On Running trainers Cloud 5 Waterproof Metal Navy Trainers

Are On Running shoes waterproof?

The Cloud 5 Waterproof On Running trainer has a waterproof membrane that is also breathable, protecting your feet against the wind and rain. 

How to care for On Running shoes

Can On Running shoes be washed?

Yes, but don’t wash them in the washing machine. We also recommend you wash them as little as possible.

How to clean On Running shoes

If your On Running trainers get dirty, we recommend brushing them with a shoe brush to release any dirt. Then use a damp cloth to clean the rest of the mud on the trainers.

How to wash On Running shoes?

If you need to wash your On Running trainers, wash them by hand using warm water in the sink.

Which On Running shoe is best for me?

Which On Running shoes are best to buy?

No one On Running Shoe is the best because they all perform specific functions. First, decide what you need your trainers for to discover which running trainer is best for you. Ask yourself – will you mainly be using them for road running or working out at the gym, or do you need a comfy shoe to protect your feet while on your daily commute?

What are On Running shoes good for?

At Daniel Footwear, we offer a range of On Running trainers to keep your feet comfortable on your runs or in daily life.

On Running trainers Cloud 5 Surf Cobble Trainers

Which On Running shoe is best for walking?

Our Cloud 5, Cloud 5 Waterproof, Cloudnova and The Rodger Centre Court models are perfect for all-day wear. Whether exploring urban environments or taking your daily commute on foot, these all-day wear trainers can keep up with your active lifestyle and provide comfort for your feet all day long.

On Running trainers Cloudswift PR Alloy Eclipse Trainers

Which On Running shoe is best for running?

For outdoor runners, the Cloudgo or Cloudswift are the perfect trainers for your runs. They will protect your feet and joints on solid road surfaces with maximum cushioning. They are both suited for short to medium runs in urban environments. You can also use the Cloudswift trainer for indoor training.

On Running rainers Cloud X3 White & Black Trainers

Which On Running shoe is best for indoor training?

If you mainly train indoors or need a trainer for short recovery runs, everyday training, mixed sports, interval running, gym sessions, workout classes and HIIT, then opt for the Cloud X or Cloud X3 trainers. 

Which On Running shoe is best for stability?

In terms of stability for your feet while running, On Running offers three levels of stability Direct, Moderate and Max. 

The Cloud X and Cloud X3 offer Direct stability, helping you feel the surface where you run underfoot and will help you take off quickly. Faster runners on short to medium distances usually prefer Direct stability.

The Cloudswift offers Moderate stability and cushioning to help you find your running rhythm on the road and when you get into a flow-like state of measured, even movements. These types of trainers are perfect for race training. 

If you need slightly more cushioning and stability, our Cloudgo trainer offers more Moderate/ Max stability and cushion, providing extra comfort and cushioning on your run. The Max cushioning offers a lighter impact when your foot touches the ground, perfect if you’ve had a break in training and are returning to it.

Are On Running trainers good, and are On Running shoes worth it?

On Running has taken the running world by storm for good reasons. On has never stopped innovating and creating new and better models, always stepping up its game. Millions worldwide swear by the brand as the comfiest shoe you will ever wear and that you feel like you are running on clouds.

Our every day On Running trainers come between £120-£140, whereas the running trainers fall between £130-£140. If you’re looking for a reliable pair of running shoes that will protect your feet and last for approximately 300-500 miles, this is what you should be paying on average. Therefore, yes! On trainers are definitely worth investing in, whether you’re an elite athlete or a casual runner.

Conclusion: Why choose On Running shoes?

On Running cushioned shoes will enhance your performance and protect your joints and muscles from impact damage due to their innovative CloudTec sole technology. Now you know everything there is to know about On Running, you can select the perfect trainer for you, whether you’re running on roads, training indoors or walking to work. Why not browse our wide range of On Running trainers online today to find your perfect pair?

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