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Killer Heels: All Night in Heels Survival Guide


Show of hands, who’s ended up taking their heels off before the end of the evening?

We’re willing to bet on close-to a 100% ‘yes’ rate right there. Heels are a woman’s best friends and worst enemies all rolled into one gorgeous and irresistible piece of footwear. We can’t be without them, but at the end of the night that’s usually all we want.

But this doesn’t mean we have to give up on our favourite heels, oh no. There are steps (pardon the pun) that we can take to prevent, minimise and treat that burning, blistering pain we’ve all accepted as part of life.

Try these top tips next time you’re planning a night out:


Before you buy:

Do the heel elevation test

Heels being too high for us to handle is one of the biggest causes of pain later on. So when you’re standing in the shoe shop trying on your soon-to-be new pair of heels, make sure you do this one crucial heel height test before you buy.

  1. Stand up straight while wearing the heels, making sure your knees are straight
  2. Stand on your tiptoes and attempt to lift yourself up out of the heels by about an inch
  3. If you can do this, the heels are the correct height for you. If you can’t, they are too high.


Before you go out:

Test drive your new shoes

You may feel daft, but giving your shoes a little test drive around the house for a few hours a day will help you get used to them, and help them get used to you. Your new shoes will be able to gradually mould to your feet properly, helping to prevent them from rubbing painfully on your night out.

Wearing them for a short while before you head out and doing a few basic exercises, such as ankle rotations and hamstring stretches (yes, really), will also help your legs and feet prepare for what’s coming during the night ahead.


Spray your feet with deodorant

We’re not trying to tell you something here. In this case, the antiperspirant deodorant is not for preventing smells, but to prevent the sweating itself. Less sweating will mean increased friction between your skin and the inside of your shoe, which will prevent painful blisters from forming.


Insert stick-in foot cushions or gel insoles

These really do work. It may take some fiddling and customising, but gel inserts can help distribute your weight more evenly, and prevent burning pressure points from developing. These inserts also help stop your feet from sliding too far forward in your shoes, preventing your poor toes from being crushed.

If you struggle with positioning gel cushions or insoles, or if you feel them moving around, cushioned tights with discreet padded soles are a great alternative. Sure, they’re not the most glamourous item of lingerie you could own, but who cares if they stop foot pain?


While you’re out:

Carry plasters

Even with the very best preparation, sometimes all that dancing is just too much for our feet, and those dreaded blisters start to make themselves at home. For those painful occasions, make sure you always have a few fabric plasters on hand (those little circular ones are the best) so you can provide some targeted cushioning relief and continue dancing into the night.


Take sneaky flats

If you’re clever about it, there’s no reason why you can’t take flats with you on a night out without having to worry about carrying extra bags or finding cloakrooms. All that’s required is a very thin, very flat pair of flat shoes (ballet pumps or strappy flat sandals are best for this) and a rectangular clutch or evening shoulder bag that will accommodate them.


When you get home:

Have a peppermint foot soak

Soaking your lower legs and feet in a cooling peppermint bath before you go to bed is a great revival tactic for your tired muscles. You can buy peppermint foot soaks from most body care and cosmetic stores, and their effervescent salts help relax the muscles and nerves in your feet and soothe pain. Do this and your feet will feel good as new the next day.

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