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“Most Fashionable City in the UK”, Revealed

Most fashionable city in the UK revealed

Daniel Footwear has revealed the most fashionable city in the UK, as well as uncovering which big designer names your city favours the most.

It’s not a secret that many of us have an affinity for the finer things in life, including those which come with a designer label – but have you ever wondered which UK city holds the biggest love for all things designer fashion? Well, here at Daniel Footwear, we launched our investigation into who truly is the “most fashionable city in the UK”.

Which Is The Most Fashionable City in the UK?

Looking at the online search habits of a variety of UK cities, we have uncovered who searches for the most designer clothing-related terms per capita, granting them the title of “most fashionable city in the UK.”

 And we don’t think it’s who you would expect it to be.

Due to the sheer volume of stores and the accessibility to designer brands the city centre offers, most people would assume that the number one hotspot for those searching for high-end clothing would be London, but, to our surprise, it’s Manchester. A growing hotspot for culture, food and, clearly, fashion, with more than 30,000 searches per head each month for designer clothing for the past 12 months. 

According to our findings, Manchester also holds the top spot for big designer names such as Vivienne Westwood, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors – standing at an incredible 139.69% above the UK average number of monthly searches for Vivienne Westwood alone. 

Most Popular Designer Handbags

Designer handbags were some of the most common searches across the UK, with interest on a steady incline, seeing a 63% lift in search between now and July. 

Valentino bags are a recent star on the rise as searches are seeing an uplift of 70% across the UK. However, it’s Liverpool who takes home the title of “biggest fan”, searching for this specific brand of designer handbag a whopping 343 times per capita, per month on average. 

Marc Jacobs are a timeless brand that never seems to go out of style, still standing as one of the most sought-after designers to this day – especially amongst folks in Belfast, who are 337% above the UK average when it comes to their love for Marc Jacobs bags. This statistic is despite an extreme uplift of 1,500% in searches for Marc Jacobs tote bags across the UK, thanks to the recent TikTok trend, which has recently taken the app and its users by storm with videos using the hashtag #marcjacobstotebag racking up an incredible 86.5 million views. Thinking about tapping into the trend? Check out our blog post that tells you Everything You Need To Know About The Viral Marc Jacobs Tote Bag

Of course, we couldn’t talk about the UK’s love without designer handbags without mentioning Vivienne Westwood. The fashion Dame has been at the top of the designer handbag game for years, offering up an array of styles that range from wacky patterns to the tamer little black bags – presenting a style to fit every preference. 

To solidify the nation’s love for Vivienne Westwood handbags, on average, there are around 45 unique searches a month per capita across the whole of the UK. This may sound low compared to some of the others we’ve mentioned. However, Glasgow is sending the figures soaring with a staggering 136 searches per capita every month – landing them the award of “Westwood’s Most Wanted” 

Best Designer Shoes.

Another cornerstone of designer style is footwear, standing alongside handbags as a go-to staple for those entering the world of designer wear and those aiming to build envy-worthy collections.

It will come as no surprise that Balenciaga and Louboutins are topping the search-related charts, with cities such as Manchester and Liverpool boasting over 1000 per capita monthly searches. But, some underdogs are making an appearance. Brighton has shown to be on the hunt for Birkenstock shoes more so than any other UK city, searching for them 22.34% more often than the UK average. Perhaps this shows than Birkenstocks are the ultimate seaside shoe.

Discover Designerwear at Daniel Footwear

Whether you’re from the newly proclaimed “most fashionable city in the UK” or not, there’s nothing stopping you from venturing out into the world of designer fashion. Regardless of whether it’s fancy footwear you have an affinity for or if you’re looking to expand your collection of ever-loved designer handbags, there’s plenty for you to feast your eyes on at Daniel Footwear, so make sure you check out our roster of esteemed designers to find something that takes your fancy. 

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