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The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Fashionable Mums

This year, Mother’s Day falls on the 19th of March. With less than a month away, it’s never too late to start thinking about what to get your mum for Mother’s Day. 

To avoid the last-minute scramble for garage flowers and average chocolates, we’ve compiled a list of fashionable gift ideas that any stylish mum will love. Why not get your mum something she will enjoy and use for years? Getting her one of her favourite fashion brands or a fashion item that she wouldn’t typically buy herself shows you really care.

With so many options, we’ve selected the most popular brands we know mums love to help you find the best Mother’s Day gift ideas.


VEJA Trainers

VEJA – Designer trainers

If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift that she will really love, why not consider getting her a pair of designer trainers? She’ll love the new fashionable addition to her wardrobe, and you’ll love watching her enjoy having something she really wanted!

If, like most mums, your mum likes to get out and about and leads a busy work or social life; she needs comfortable trainers to keep her moving while looking fashionable. If she enjoys the casual/ sporty look, there is a pair of designer trainers out there that will suit her style.

There are so many designer trainers, so it will be helpful if you know her favourite brand. However, if you’re unsure, you can’t go wrong with designer trainers by VEJA as the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

VEJA Trainers

VEJA trainers are the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your fashion-forward mum. These trendy sneakers are not only comfortable and chic, but their materials are also sustainable.

VEJA sources its leather from animals naturally raised on small family farms in Brazil, so the trainers are free of toxic chemicals. VEJA also has a range of vegan leather alternative trainers made with innovative materials such as recycled polyester and plastic, organic cotton canvas or C.W.L (cotton worked as leather), rubber and upcycling corn and sugar. So, you can feel good about giving your mum a stylish and sustainable gift. There are a wide variety of VEJA trainers to choose from, with lots of colour combinations. You can select her favourite colours, like pink or blue, or choose a colour that will pair well with her current wardrobe and style. 

Alternatively, if your mum prefers a clean, crisp look, you can’t go wrong with a pair of white trainers. The V-10 and V-12 models provide an attractive silhouette and white VEJA “V”, which is subtle but still recognisable – minimalist perfection.  
With VEJA trainers, the gift of style this Mother’s Day is more than within your reach. Browse our women’s VEJA trainers collection today and find the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

On Running Trainers

On Running – Running Trainers

If your mum enjoys being outdoors, exercising and running, why not treat her to new running trainers, especially if her old ones have seen better days? 

On Running Trainers

A pair of On Running trainers are the perfect gift for an active mum. Their trainers are not only stylish but also offer superior comfort and support. Whether she is training for a marathon or enjoys short runs around the block, you can find the perfect trainer for her preferred distance. 

On Running trainers have a cushioned sole that provides work-class shock absorption and unmatched foot support. This signature feature is called the “CloudTec” sole, consisting of small, soft, lightweight “clouds” that cushion feet and absorb impact. And with their breathable mesh upper, these trainers will help to keep feet cool and dry throughout their run.

On Running shoes come in various colours and designs like black, blue or purple so you can choose your mum’s favourite colour or one that matches her style or running technique. 
So if you’re short on Mother’s Day gift ideas, On Running trainers are great for busy or active mums who are always on the go. Browse our women’s collection of On Running trainers today.

Birkenstock Sandals

Birkenstock – Summer sandals

With spring and summer just around the corner, a great Mother’s Day gift idea could be a pair of sandals for summer.

Birkenstock Sandals

Birkenstock sandals are a great gift for Mother’s Day. They are stylish and comfortable and support feet and ankles. They are the perfect shoe to slip on and off throughout the summer and are great for going on holiday, in the garden or as cool indoor slipper-shoes. Birkenstock sandals are the ultimate treat for your mum,  as they’re something she might not get for herself.

Birkenstock has been making sandals for over 200 years, and they have a reputation for quality craftsmanship. They contain durable materials that both last for years and mould to your feet, getting comfier and comfier as you wear them. These sandals are also available in various styles and colours to suit your mum’s taste. Whether your mum prefers a boho-chic style in tan or something bright and cheerful in yellow or pink, Birkenstock has a sandal that she will instantly love.
Browse our complete women’s Birkenstock sandal collection to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift in time for spring.

Fly London Shoes

Fly London – Luxury leather shoes

Why not treat your mum to a stunning pair of designer leather shoes this Mother’s Day? Your mum deserves the best, so why not get her something from her favourite brand or something she wouldn’t buy for herself? If your mum loves shoes and fashion, we have everything you need at Daniel Footwear to choose the perfect Mother’s Day gift. 

Fly London Shoes

One of the best gifts you can give your mum is a new pair of shoes that she can enjoy again and again. Our designer shoes from Fly London will make your mum feel valued and stylish.

Whatever types of shoes your mum likes, you have a wide selection with Fly London. You can treat her to a new pair of leather boots. The quirky take on traditional designs and chunky heels are the perfect gift for a fashion-forward mum who likes comfortable yet stylish boots. 

Alternatively, you can opt for a pair of sandals by Fly London, perfect for spring and summer. Each pair of sandals has an ergonomic chunky heel, luxurious leather and iconic 90s styles. 

If your mum needs a comfortable pair of shoes to shop, have lunch with the girls or run errands but also look fabulous, the trainers from Fly London are the perfect treat for her. Their fresh, innovative design combines sporty fashion with comfortable support and the signature Fly London chunky heel.
If your mum likes to stay at the forefront of fashion, any shoes from our Fly London collection will make her smile on Mother’s Day.

Valentino bags

Valentino Bags – Designer Bags

If you’re searching for a Mother’s Day gift to spoil your mum, consider getting her a designer handbag. She’ll love the new addition to her wardrobe, and you’ll love that you got her something she can put to excellent use. 

Valentino bags

A Valentino bag is the perfect gift for a special mum you want to spoil or add to their designer handbag collection. A Valentino handbag is the ideal Mother’s Day gift if your mum is a luxury-loving fashionista deserving of a real treat.

Valentino bags are made from high-quality materials in various seasonal colours and feature the recognisable “V” or “Valentino” logo. Your mum can add style and luxury to every outfit with her new bag. 

There are dozens of colours and styles to select for your mum, from practical day tote bags to keep all her daily essentials to dazzling clutch bags, perfect for a special occasion, date night or a going-out outfit.

Browse our complete collection of Valentino bags at Daniel footwear to find the perfect designer handbag for your mum to make her Mother’s Day super special.

Mother’s Day gift ideas at Daniel Footwear

Regardless of your budget, we’ve got an extensive range of stylish and affordable designer Mother’s Day gift ideas at Daniel Footwear. Make your mum feel like a queen with one of her favourite brands or a luxury gift that she wouldn’t typically get for herself. Avoid waiting until the last minute to treat your mum, and browse our stunning range of luxury women’s handbags or designer shoes and find the perfect gift for your mum for Mother’s Day.

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