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November Style Crush;Jennifer Lawrence

She rose to fame as the star of the much loved film Hunger Games, but it seems that acting isn’t all Jennifer Lawrence is good at. As well as being an avid supporter and campaigner of women’s rights and self love, Jennifer is also slaying the fashion game, with her premier wardrobe being 100% on point.

Despite being a fashionista and one of Hollywood’s most loved actresses, it seems that Jennifer doesn’t like to take herself too seriously. Falling up stairs whilst accepting awards, admitting she used to win in play flights with her two older brothers, and laughing at her own jokes, she’s one of a kind, that’s for sure!

But being labelled the funny girl next door doesn’t stop Jennifer from being our ultimate style crush, in fact I think we’d go as far as saying she’s one of our all time favourite human beings, ever, Hollywood definitely needs more hard working ladies who aren’t afraid to let their silly side show.

In honour of the latest Hunger Games film that is out November 20th, we’ve selected our favourite outfits worn by Jennifer throughout all of the Hunger Games premiers.

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