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Spotted: Be just like Barbie with Birkenstocks from the new Barbie movie

Everyone knows the iconic pink heels worn by Barbie. After all, her plastic feet specifically are for slipping into exaggerated stilettos. But what happens when her worst nightmare comes true? As Barbie’s utopian world starts to crumble in the new Barbie movie, she must face the prospect of a new flat-footed existence.

(Spoiler alert!) When Barbie starts to sense things are going wrong, like falling off her Barbie dream house and developing flat feet, she goes to see Weird Barbie. Played by Kate McKinnon, Weird Barbie is a doll that someone has played with a little too roughly, with an uneven fringe and pen marks on her face. She tells Barbie that something must be wrong with whoever is playing with her in the real world. So she gives Barbie a choice between the baby pink stilettos to make things return to normal or a pair of Birkenstocks to go into the real world and find out the truth.

Birkenstocks spotted in the new Barbie movie

Birkenstock Arizona sandals in the new Barbie movie

Weird Barbie shows Barbie an iconic pair of Birkenstock Arizona sandals in the classic Mocha brown. These two-strap sandals with adjustable buckles are a podiatrist’s dream. With a comfortable cork sole that moulds to the shape of your foot and an ergonomic footbed that contours your foot while you walk, they are the perfect sandals for the real world. Although not as glamorous as the pink stilettos, they help Barbie navigate the “real world” and her new flat-footed existence.

Barbie-approved Birkenstock sandals

We’re with you if you’re obsessed with the Barbie pink trend sweeping the world due to the current Barbie mania! Why not combine the comfort of Birkenstocks to look after your real-world feet while embracing the fun and bright Barbie pink tones? Look at our range of pink Birkenstocks, from pink Arizona EVA sandals to pink leather trainers. 

Birkenstocks have evolved over the years, going from basic footwear to a fashion-forward casual staple. It’s no surprise that celebrities often wear their Birkenstocks out and about, and seeing them on runways has become commonplace. Birkenstock Arizona sandals are a beloved comfort-first shoe of this generation and a new Barbie favourite too!

Birkenstocks at Daniel Footwear

If you want to embrace the Barbie-approved Birkenstock sandals flat-footed look, you can get all of Barbie’s favourite Birkenstock models here at Daniel Footwear. Browse our complete Birkenstock range today and find your new favourite sandals. 

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