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The Style Games

The 2016 Olympics is here!

Being held in the almighty Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and since Gisele Bündchen is the most iconic Brazilian model of all time it makes perfect sense that she was chosen to open the Rio Olympics.


But of course it’s all about sport, however fashion does have its place, from Stella McCartney and Team GB to Ralph Lauren’s US uniform, Rio isn’t just for sports lovers.

So with that in mind we are taking a look at what to look out for…

United Kingdom:


Stella McCartney in collaboration with Adidas has proved to be a winning style strategy for the UK Olympics team. The fashion savvy kits make strong use of the new coat of arms and the traditional Union Jack colours: Navy blue leggings, white sweaters, red accents throughout formal and discipline-specific uniforms.



Ralph Lauren returns as a fashion coach for Team USA and “playing it safe” seems to be his latest game day motto. With white shorts, button-down shirts, striped belts and signature Polo logo the looks are true to the designer’s classic aesthetic including the big USA print on the back in the classic red, white and blue.



French brand Lacoste was founded by the tennis legend Rene Lacoste which makes its impeccable sports pedigree a natural fit for the Olympics uniform design.



These days, it seems you can open any wardrobe anywhere in the world and find at least one H&M garment. The Swedish fast fashion retailer outfitted the Olympic and Paralympic teams in bright gold yellow and sleek deep blue uniforms citing the iconic flag colour scheme.

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