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Trend Alert; The Mini Bag…

Gone are the days of cramming everything but the kitchen sink into your oversized tote. Luggage bags are a thing of the past, for this season you need to make room in your wardrobe for the mini bag.

Petit cross body bags that are only big enough for the bare necessities… Card, coins and phone… and maybe the odd lip gloss. The tiny beauties should be top of everyone’s autumn winter wish list for this coming season.

So, what is so great about the miniscule bags I hear you ask? Shopping never felt easier, having both hands free to browse, carry more shopping bags and generally not feeling weighted down mid trip by your glorified suitcase. The mini bag is chic enough to dress up a casual day to day outfit and the perfect size for evening attire, we know you need both hands free to let loose on the old dance floor.

We’ve picked out a few of our faves from our new autumn winter collection;


From top left: “Sophie Mini Gem”, “Brentwood Crossbody”

                  “Iconic Crest” & “Marion Canteen”

Will you be hopping on the mini bag trend for pure comfort and chic outfits this season? We know we definitely will!

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