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VEJA: Buying Guide – Your Questions, Answered

VEJA is a French brand that has made a name for itself in the sneaker industry with its sustainable and stylish trainers. Made from natural materials such as cotton, recycled plastic bottles and wild rubber, these trainers are good for your feet and the environment. Besides the obvious appeal, we’re here to give you a few more reasons to fall in love with this great brand.

Veja Trainers

What models of VEJA shoes are there?

VEJA offers a variety of stylish and sustainable trainers for both men and women. Some of their most popular models include the V-10, the Esplar, and the Amazonas. The V-10 is a sneaker made from ecological cotton and recycled plastic bottles, while the Esplar is made from organic cotton and wild rubber from the Amazon. 


Veja V10

VEJA’s V-10 trainer takes its name from the V-shape of the logo. The V-10 is a low-cut, minimalist sneaker with a clean design and a focus on sustainability. The upper is made from recycled polyester, and the sole is made from wild rubber sourced from the Amazon rainforest. The V-10 is available in various colours, including black, white, and green – often with the signature ‘V’ appearing in a contrasting shade. VEJA also offers a V-12 model, similar to the V-10 but with a higher cut and more support. The V-12 is available in black, white, and blue. VEJA’s V-14 model is their most supportive sneaker, with a higher cut and additional padding. The V-14 is available in black and white.


Veja Campo

VEJA Campo trainers are popular for those looking for the perfect combo of a stylish, comfortable and sustainable shoe. These trainers are made from sustainable materials, including recycled plastic bottles and wild rubber from the Amazon rainforest. They are also Fair Trade certified, meaning that the workers who made them were paid a fair wage and worked in safe conditions. The true charm of the Campo is in the simple design, available in a range of colours, and the use of sustainable materials that give the trainer a unique look. As well as a series of colours, the Campo comes in nubuck suede and a form of leather called Chromefree. The VEJA Campo trainer is a great choice for those who want a stylish, comfortable, sustainable sneaker. The Campo pairs perfectly with formal items and is the perfect smart trainer to elevate your casual look.


Veja Esplar

The VEJA Esplar is perhaps their most simple, minimalist shoe. The upper features the wonderful ‘V’ logo but has little more in the way of detailing. A discreet track borders the toe caps in the same colour as the rest of the upper, and the perforations favoured on the V-10 are absent. Think of this as VEJA’s wonderful take on the classic Stan Smith. The Esplar is one of the VEJA family offered in a vegan alternative.

Some honourable mentions

Over the years, the VEJA family has grown. Besides the incredibly slick and minimalist V-10, Esplar and Campo, there are now a series of other models that are no less attractive and bold. The Venturi is an offering for those who like a sportier silhouette with an on-trend chunky sole. The Recife is a familiar silhouette to the Campo but features a velcro fastening. The VEJA Nova is an elevated, more stylish upgrade on the classic plimsol style trainer – with a chunkier, serrated sole and is also available in a high-top version. The Rio Branco is a sporty ’70s model that features mesh detailing on the side panel with suede patches around the toe and the heel.  

VEJA is committed to being environmentally conscious, which means that all of its products are vegan-friendly. The top three models, in particular, are made from synthetic suede and tech mesh linings crafted out of plastic bottles, while CXL – a bio-sourced leather alternative composed primarily of cornstarch synthetically bonds together through heat activation – offers an ethical option for those who don’t identify as vegetarian or want more sustainable footwear options!

Which celebrities have been seen in VEJA trainers?

Because of VEJA’s popularity and unparalleled style, it should be no surprise that they have been spotted on the feet of some famous fans. The roll call of people associated with VEJA is extensive. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Emily Ratajkowski and Reece Witherspoon have been seen in VEJA trainers, making them one of the most sought-after brands out at the moment. Perhaps the most notable celebrity spot is of a Royal background. Kate Middleton’s foray into VEJA ended with the Duchess of Cambridge pictured in a pair of Esplars with a sleek but lightly glam silver detailing. 

Can men wear VEJA?

The answer is a resounding yes – men and women can wear VEJA trainers. The brand’s trainers are unisex, meaning they can be worn by anyone regardless of gender. 

VEJA trainers are also available in various sizes to ensure a comfortable fit. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of everyday trainers or something more fashionable for special occasions, VEJA has you covered if you’re a man looking to add minimalist chic to his wardrobe. It might be worth considering the V-10 or V-12 for a sportier but not-too-casual option.

What is the best way to take care of VEJA shoes?

The best way to take care of VEJA shoes is by cleaning them with a damp cloth and then allowing them to air dry. Ordinary leather shoe cleaner should also do the trick if you want to give your VEJAs some extra attention. Avoid submerging them in water or putting them in the dryer, as this may damage the materials used in their construction. When not in use, store your VEJA shoes in a cool, dry place. If you want to take extra special care of your VEJA trainers, you can invest in a shoe tree, a frame that slides into your shoe to maintain its shape. As well as a shoe tree, you could use a protective spray to make the shoe’s surface watertight.

How do VEJA trainers fit?

When it comes to fit, VEJA couldn’t be more straightforward. VEJA are true to size, so whatever size you’d normally take in your shoes is the perfect choice when shopping choices from the brand. 

How to style VEJAs

VEJA trainers are a popular choice for those who want stylish, comfortable shoes. The French brand offers various styles, from classic sneakers to more contemporary designs. VEJA trainers can be dressed up or down, making them versatile and easy to style. Here are some tips on how to style VEJA trainers for various occasions. Pair VEJA trainers with chinos or dark wash jeans for a smart casual look. Add a button-down shirt or polo shirt and finish with a blazer or cardigan. This look is perfect for days when you need to dress up but still want to be comfortable.

Pair VEJA trainers with shorts or denim skirts for a more casual look. A t-shirt or tank top will complete the look. This is perfect for days spent running errands or relaxing with friends. For a dressier look, pair VEJA trainers with a sundress or maxi dress, a great choice for warm weather days. Add some sunglasses and a straw hat for extra style points. VEJA trainers are versatile shoes that can be styled for any occasion. With these tips, you’ll be able to rock the VEJA look no matter where you’re going.

VEJA at Daniel Footwear

With all of these handy tips, tricks and thoughts on all things VEJA, you should feel confident when choosing the French footwear specialists’ most stylish models. At Daniel Footwear, we have a plethora of VEJA models. Explore the whole range, from Campo to Rio Bravo.

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