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What to Pack for Winter City Breaks: 2018 Edition

Booking a winter city break is the perfect tactic to help you get through those miserable months between Christmas and the start of spring; but what do you pack?


Unless you’re jetting off to the sunnier climes of the southern hemisphere, your best bet is to pack warm, cosy clothes and accessories for your trip. To help you out, the team here at Daniel have decided to share their holiday plans with you, along with some inspiration on what to pack for your winter city break in 2018.


New York City – USA


Winter turns New York City into a frozen wonderland, especially in January and February when the temperatures plummet. Central Park becomes a snowy playground complete with two ice skating rinks, and the entire city buzzes with activity despite the chill. If you’re visiting in January, make sure you check out the annual Winter Jazzfest in Greenwich Village, and a mid-February visit will coincide with New York Fashion Week, with events happening all over the city. And when the cold gets too much, NYC is packed full of cosy restaurants, bars and cafés to hole up in and grab a steaming mug of coffee.

But what to pack?

First thing’s first, you need a warm coat. Temperatures tend to hover around 0 – 1.5°C, so this fur-trimmed Paris parka from Daniel is a solid investment to keep out the brisk chill. You’ll also need something warm and comfortable in the footwear department, as NYC visits typically involve a great deal of walking and exploring. The Marcia black suede sporty ankle boot from Daniel is another solid choice, with a cushioned sole for comfort and soft fur trim for extra warmth. To round it all off it’s a great idea to take a little backpack like this Michael Kors Wythe nylon bag, so you can easily carry all your essentials with you while keeping your hands free for lots of picture taking.


Bergen – Norway


Norway’s second largest city feels more like a cosy town, and it turns into a picture-postcard haven in winter time. Everyone who’s been says winter is the best time to visit this stunning city, and there’s so much to do that you’ll never be bored no matter how long you stay. Norway is a country steeped in history, and Bergen is packed with historic sites and museums to explore, or you can take a boat tour around the breathtaking fjords and take in the natural surroundings.


But what should I pack?

Due to its northerly location, Bergen gets rather cold in winter with an average temperature of 2°C in January and February – though the crisp blue skies and sunshine more than make up for this. We’d recommend a proper winter coat like this stylish-yet-practical khaki parka from Little Red, which is lined with super cosy faux fur for lots of much-needed warmth. A sturdy pair of leather boots is also a packing essential for this winter break, and these Matha black studded biker boots are just the ticket. Bang on trend and lined with soft leather, these boots will keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable while you explore this intriguing city. Finish off the look perfectly with a this snuggly beige cashmere scarf from Daniel, which will keep you toasty warm in the chilly Norwegian winds.


Palma – Majorca


If you’re looking for a winter break with slightly milder weather, Palma on the beautiful island of Majorca is the perfect destination for you. January and February temperatures generally stay between 10 – 15°C, so there’s less need for bulky coats and boots. If you’re visiting in January, try and catch one of the local winter festivals like the Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià celebrations, which host street bonfires and serve up lots of delicious local delicacies. Majorca is also famous for its food and wine tours, so there’s plenty to keep you busy here even in winter.


But what to pack?

As the temperatures on Majorca aren’t quite so wintry, you can get away with a more lightweight wardrobe. We would pack this glamourous brown fur gilet from JayLey, which is warm enough for the season but with a sleeveless style for a bit more freedom. Palma has plenty of walking opportunities, so this comfortable yet super stylish pair of Suri platform trainers from Daniel is absolutely perfect for exploring. And, if you do start feeling the cold, this lightweight, textured wool scarf from Ugg is a great accessory to have packed and ready to go.


Reykjavik – Iceland


Unsurprisingly, Iceland’s capital city tends to be rather on the chilly side in winter, with averages of 0°C in January and February, but boy is it a great place for a traditional winter city break. The city has a unexpectedly metropolitan atmosphere and an exciting nightlife that stays awake all through the winter season, so you’ll never find yourself at a loose end during the evening. And don’t forget to visit Laugavegur (the city’s trendiest shopping street) for a spot of Icelandic retail therapy if you get the chance.


But what should I pack?

It’s cold cold cold, so pack plenty of warm clothing and accessories to keep you bundled up on this winter trip. Starting with the coat, you’ll need something padded, cosy and trimmed with fur – much like this stylish Oakwood khaki leather jacket. That great big furry collar will keep your neck and ears protected from the wintry wind. Pair it up with some reliable calf-length boots like these Daniel Goldeye tan leather biker boots. The grippy rubber sole will keep you sturdy on slippy streets and the warm leather lining will keep your feet from getting cold while exploring. One last thing; you’d be mad to visit Reykjavik in winter without a really cosy pair of gloves to keep your hands from freezing. These stunning Ugg leather touchscreen smart gloves are lined with sheepskin for a super soft, luxury feel and are touchscreen compatible, so you can take hundreds of photos on your phone without the hassle of removing your gloves.


That’s the packing sorted, now where’s that passport?


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