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Which Shoes to Wear on Date Night – The Valentine’s Day Edition

Got your Valentine’s Day outfit planned out yet? If you have, kudos – that’s some seriously impressive planning. If you haven’t, we’ve at least got the footwear covered for you.


Picking the perfect shoes for Valentine’s Day firstly depends on the type of date you’ve got planned. Heels or shiny brogues are obviously no good for a casual day in the park, and trainers just won’t cut it for a fancy dinner no matter how stylish they are.


So here’s our guide to the best shoes to wear on Valentine’s Day to suit your big plans:


Formal Evening Date


Whether you’re off out for that fancy dinner, a night at the theatre or a few posh cocktails, you’ll want your feet to look the part. This means shiny shoes for the boys and something elegant for the girls, and we’ve got the perfect pair of styles to complete your evening ensembles.


For the Guys: Winsham Tan Leather Hole Punch Lace-Ups

Say hello to the Winsham lace up dress shoes. These smart, characterful shoes are formal enough to impress at any top restaurant in town without looking like a pair of office shoes, and the subtle dark tan colouring makes them easy to match with practically any formal outfit. Or, if you’d prefer the classic look, these handsome chaps are also available in black. Find them in your size here.



For the Ladies: Meredith Beige Suede Gold Heel Courts

Whether you’re going all out with a flowing gown or cocktail dress, or if you’re opting for the tailored pants and top combo, these elegant Meredith courts are going to set the whole outfit off a treat. Suede is right at home on a formal evening out, and those dazzling, slender golden stiletto heels transform these courts from ‘just shoes’ into glamorous jewellery for your feet. This neutral beige colour makes them easy to pair up with lots of other shades, but they’re also available in classic black and hot red to cover you for practically all other outfit eventualities. Find these stunning shoes in your size here.

Romantic Walk


If you’re not the glitzy dinners and evenings-out type of couple, then perhaps you’ve got a romantic stroll along the beach, through the park or into the countryside planned. But even though this means you don’t have to dress up, you can still have fun dressing up your feet for the occasion. You’ll need something sturdy, comfy and great-looking, so here’s what we’d suggest:


For the Guys: Reid Tan Leather Lace Up Ankle Boots

The Reid lace-up boots from Daniel tick all three of those criteria boxes, with that chunky rubber sole, soft-yet-strong leather body and cosy fleece lining. Perfect for stomping through puddles, trekking across hills and strolling through parks hand in hand with your significant other, these boots look great paired with dark jeans and wool coats, but you can match them up with practically anything you like. And yes, they’re available in black, too. Get them here.


For the Ladies: Mora Taupe Suede Zip Front Ankle Boots

The outdoorsy glam look is easy to pull off with the right boots, and the Mora zip-fronts are the right boots. Far more than just your average chunky stompers, these high-topped beauties come with a host of fancy features, including stitch lace detailing, decorative front zip and that dazzling diamante tongue. These boots were made for dating, so slip them on with your favourite skinny jeans and leather jacket for the perfect loved-up outdoor stroll. Find them in your size here.

Casual Day Out


If you’re not keen on the great outdoors but want to get out of the house this V Day, the casual day out is the perfect solution. Whether it’s a trip to the cinema, a stroll round the shops or a brunch date, you need find the perfect footwear balance between casual and good-looking. These are our go-to styles for this particular dating scenario:


For the Guys: Hotch Navy Leather High Top Trainers

For a date this casual it’s got to be trainers, but not just your average kicks – you still want to impress after all. That’s where the Hotch high tops from Daniel Footwear come in. These smart-looking sneaks are made with glossy, top quality leather and are lined with cosy fleece, making them just as comfortable as they are stylish. With just a few pops of red colour detailing, these navy trainers are understated yet suave, perfect for pairing up with any casual outfit while you enjoy your day-date. Grab them here in navy or tan.

For the Ladies: Suri Grey Leather Reptile Flatform Trainer

When you’re keen to look your best for that special someone, only the best will do. So we’ve selected the Daniel bestseller from our new season collection, the Suri leather reptile flatform trainers. Where do we even start with talking these beauties up? The shimmering metallic reptile design, the glossy silver patent backs and crisp white flatforms make these trainers truly date-worthy. Match them up with some light blue skinny jeans and something sparkly on top for the ultimate casual-but-dazzling daytime date ensemble. Find them in a range of colours here.

Night In


If you’re short of funds, you’ve got little ones or if you simply love a cosy night in the house, then this is the date for you. Whether you’re cooking a meal for two, grabbing a takeaway or popping open the bubbly in front of a good film, we’re ready with the perfect pairs of his and hers footwear for you. The way we see it, it’s got to be slippers.


For the Guys: Ugg Scuff Classic Chestnut Suede Men’s Slipper

Even if you’re doing the fancy meal first, there’s nothing wrong with having a luxurious pair of man-slippers waiting in the wings for après-food relaxation. With these classic chestnut Ugg Scuffs you can kick back in front of the fire with your amour and enjoy the feeling of pure comfort. Stick a film on, grab some popcorn and let the quality time continue. You can also grab these in navy, dark brown and even a snazzy leather version if you’re feeling posh. Get them in your size here.

For the Ladies: Ugg Scuffette Black Metallic Shearling Slippers

If the boys are wearing slippers, you ladies may as well join them. But these are no ordinary slippers, these are super special date night slippers. The sparkly metallic design and fluffy sheepskin collar make these Ugg Scuffettes the most glamourous, date-worthy slippers in existence. In other words, they’re the ideal flirty footwear choice for your V Day night in. And, let’s face it, they wouldn’t even look out of place with a dress. Get your hands on them here.


With this selection of date-ready footwear your feet will be feeling the love just as much as you. And, if you’re still looking for a few more finishing touches to your special outfit, you can grab yourself a whole host of designer accessories over on the Daniel site, including bags, coats, scarves, jewellery and wallets.


Have fun!


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