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Women’s feet are getting bigger: do we need to buy the next size up?

The National Sizing Survey carried out last year, shows that women’s feet have become increasingly bigger due to height and possible weight increase. A few years ago girls age 16 to 17 would be buying smaller sizes such as 3-5 but reports have shown that the average girl is buying a seven-and-a half or even an eight. Long gone are the days of dainty feet, bringing on the big shoes and socks!
Research carried out by well-known retailers also shows a sharp rise in the demand for women’s size nine shoes and a decline in sales of size four, which was the standard measurement in the 1960s.
Jane Winkworth, founder of French Sole Shoe Company observed this development and decided to launch a new range of shoes that would suit women who have 9-11 feet. Telegraph

When buying shoes online and offline there can be a number of problems,
It is common that a lot of women have odd feet and buying shoes to fit perfectly proves difficult. Different styles vary and you may find that one shoe fits slightly bigger than the other, placing an insole in one shoe will make it slightly smaller than the other.
Pull on boots can be less giving than standard boots and it might be worth ordering a size up from what you normally buy. This enables enough room for your feet, plus those most wanted cosy socks.
If you are wearing slip on court shoes, you may possibly find that they are a little bigger than you expected. Placing a heel grip at the back of the shoe  should make the perfect fit and avoid any risk or rubbing.
If leather shoes feel hard and stiff around your feet, place a little bit of Vaseline in the inside and this should help to soften any areas of hard, coarse leather. Overtime leather will stretch so being patient and wearing them around the house can help achieve the perfect fit.

During an interview with the Daily Mail, news reader Kate Silverton complained about her major struggle to find shoes to fit her size 9 feet.  Her eager attempt to squeeze into a size 8 pair of boots left her in horrific pain for days. Kate highlights the importance of buying shoes that fit properly.

Therefore If you are unsure what size your feet are, or if you think they may have grown/shrunk, it is best to go and have them professionally measured. You could also visit your favourite shoe store and try a couple of different sizes and styles before you buy online. Be kind to your feet!

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