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Avoiding Counterfeit UGG

Avoiding Counterfeit UGG 

There are a lot of counterfeit products being sold online and UGG are a brand that unfortunately fall victim to this activity. 

What is a counterfeit product? This is any item that is being sold as a fake or imitation of a ‘genuine product’ it will look very similar to the real deal and can be difficult to distinguish from the rest.

When searching for products online, you may come across a website that looks suspicious but has ‘UGG’ in the website name or advertises them as an "official UGG store" to make you think they are a listed retailer. Still be weary and check for reviews about the website and look at social media pages such as their twitter handle and Facebook page to find out more about them. Websites that mention Discounted or Cheap UGG Boots are usually selling counterfeit items. 

Counterfeiters do not pay taxes and will probably pay little wages or nothing at all to their employees which makes them frowned upon by legitimate business owners and the economy.  They participate in identity theft and will probably fail to deliver goods that are paid for. Be aware that when you purchase a counterfeit product, you are supporting this activity.

We would like to reassure our customers that all UGG products sold online at Daniel Footwear are 100% genuine and we are a listed retailer. You can check via the official UGG page here.

How to identify counterfeit UGG’s

To ensure you purchase only genuine UGG Australia products check the list of registered stores:

UGG Australia Concept stores 

You will be able to identify real UGG boots by looking out for the security sticker or label that is on every product. This will be a reflective hologram style logo that will be dated from Fall 2010. The reflective security sticker can be found on the outside of your shoebox and some maybe sewn into the products.  When checking UGG boots, this can be found in the left boot.

Checking the sticker present on shoe boxes

When you move the UGG shoe box on a 90 ° angle, you should see the sun logos changing from dark silver to light silver. You will also see that the UGG® logo duplicated in mini versions, appearing faintly on the strip when moved from side to side. 

See diagram below: 

 Ugg Counterfeit

For further information visit,en_GB,pg.html


Avoiding Counterfeit UGG