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Avoiding Counterfeit UGG


Avoiding Counterfeit UGG...

The footwear market is full of counterfeit products, and since the emergence of the Internet, “fakes” have become all the more frequent. Unfortunately, UGG is among the most widespread brands that fall victim to this counterfeiting, thanks to their popularity among a diverse demographic, their shoes, boots and slippers are prevalent among counterfeit products.

What is a Counterfeit Product?


A counterfeit product relates to any item that is being sold as a fake or an imitation of a genuine, branded product. As you would expect, the counterfeit will look very similar to the real deal and it can be incredibly difficult to distinguish between the two.


Although some website’s content, imagery and branding make look legitimate it’s important to remember that fake UGGs are designed to fool. One way to establish whether the website is a listed UGG retailer is to check for website reviews and browse social media pages, particularly Instagram and Facebook, for further information. People will talk, and it is usually fairly easy to pick up on a trail that online audiences have left to warn any potential buyers.

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How to Spot Fake UGGs


The official UGG website will help to ensure that you are purchasing only genuine UGG Australia products. You are able to check known traders of fake UGG products, as well as browse a gallery of convincing counterfeit products to make you aware of what to look out for. You can find this page here:

Ugg Authenticity Guide


Checking the Official Security Sticker

This web page will allow you to identify real UGG boots by looking out for the security sticker or label that is present on every official product. The reflective hologram style logo can be found on the outside of the shoebox or sewn into the products themselves. When checking UGG boots for sewn in security labels, you’ll find them on the inside the left boot, shoe or slipper.

Move the UGG security sticker to a 90° angle, upon doing this you should see the sun logos changing from dark silver to a light silver colouration. You will also notice that the UGG® logo is duplicated in mini versions, appearing faintly on the strip when moved from side to side.

Ugg Counterfeit

We would like to reassure our customers that all UGG products sold online at Daniel Footwear are 100% genuine from an officially listed retailer.