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Brand Spotlight

Brand Spotlight: Everything you need to know about innovative Fly London shoes

Introducing Fly London, the shoe brand that likes to do things differently. Famous for its quirky designs and progressive shape, Fly London is a welcome breath of fresh air for those who live for the unexpected, never conforming to trends or conventional styles. 

Discover everything you need to know about Fly London and fall in love with their creative and exceptional shoes here at Daniel Footwear.

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The Fly London origins

Fly London originated in the UK but didn’t take off until 1994 when the brand was discovered at an abandoned stand at a Düsseldorf trade show by Kyaia partners Fortunato O. Frederico and Ca Lda. 

Frederico and Lda learned that the brand had had a rocky start, as the original owners had separated and were looking to sell the Fly London brand. The head office and production are now in Portugal.

In the first year after Kyaia purchased the Fly London brand, they sold 1800 pairs of shoes. It took five years to see a significant rise in sales. However, by 2013 Kyaia produced 800,000 pairs in the Portuguese factory. The brand continues to break records.

Fly London is now known worldwide across 57 countries, from the United States to China and throughout Europe. They have also branched out into producing bags, sunglasses and other leather products featured on many catwalks worldwide.

The Fly London Philosophy: Who are Fly London?

Fly London is an innovative and disruptive brand that aims to break fashion patterns and create original products. If you’re looking for new, innovative, fresh and out-of-the-ordinary shoes, Fly London is where to look. 

Fly London’s philosophy is to create products using traditional construction techniques in unexpected ways. Using various styles, colours and materials, Fly London stamps their identity into all their shoes. Their unique personality is perfect for the fashion market, while their uncompromising style and design provide you with comfortable yet disruptive and innovative footwear.

With a firm connection to the traditional techniques familiar to the Portuguese footwear industry, Fly London creates strong, quality shoes with an irreverent design. High quality is a priority at Fly London during construction. They choose the best materials and prioritise comfort while designing and making their shoes.

Where are Fly London shoes from?

The Fly London brand and production is in Portugal and operated by the Portuguese shoe company Kyaia, near Guimaraes in Northern Portugal. However, if you purchase Fly London from America rather than Europe, you will get Fly London shoes made in China.

Are Fly London shoes true to size?

We find that Fly London shoes typically run large. So if you’re between sizes, we recommend trying the smaller size. Use a ruler to measure the length of your largest foot from the longest toe to the back of your heel, and follow the guide below to find the best fit.

UKEuropeUS/ CanadaCMAustralia

Are Fly London shoes and boots wide fitting?

In general, most customers find Fly London shoes reasonably comfortable. Many people with wide feet feel comfortable in these shoes because the width across the toe box is broader than most.

Are Fly London shoes comfortable and supportive?

FLY London shoes feature buttery soft leather uppers for comfort over hammertoes, bunions and other lumpy, bumpy foot issues. 

With the built-in arch support, many people who suffer from plantar fasciitis recommend Fly London shoes to keep their feet comfortable throughout the day. 

The moulded wedge heels are shock-absorbent and provide height with stability. The platform offsets the heel so the shoe doesn’t feel as high as it is, and the rubber traction outsole keeps you from slipping. 

Many models feature velcro closures, perfect for women who dislike fiddly buckles. There is much function and practicality packed into these flattering shoes!

Why are Fly London shoes so expensive?

You must invest if you want a good-quality pair of shoes that last for years. Fly London holds a reputation for high-quality, innovative shoes that come with the brand, so people are willing to pay more. Fly London only uses premium leather and rubber to make their shoes using expensive oil and wax to finish them, making them more expensive than other shoes. 

Furthermore, the manufacturing process happens in Portugal, a developed country. Manufacturing and shipping costs are always higher in developed countries, but you can know that the employees are treated fairly. 

Lastly, independent designers are given free rein at Fly London to create innovative and unique shoes. You pay extra for Fly London shoes because you won’t be able to find anything like them anywhere else. 

Our top Fly London picks

Here is a list of our top 6 hottest picks from our Fly London collection. These shoes and boots are super popular with our customers, so you know you’re getting the best when you choose from this list.

Our top Fly London boots

As the summer draws to a close and we start to see the leaves changing, you might want to update your winter footwear collection. If the soles on your old boots are wearing thin, it might be time to upgrade to a boot that will last for years due to the robust and supportive sole.

Fly London Salv Black Leather Wedge Chelsea Boots

Fly London Salv Black Leather Wedge Chelsea Boots

One of our best-selling boots is our Fly London black wedge Chelsea boots. This classic style has had a Fly London upgrade that is practical and stylish too. Effortlessly pull on these Chelsea boots for easy wear using the elasticated gussets and strut your stuff in the wedged cleated rubber sole.

Fly London Mes II Black Leather Low Wedge Calf Boots

Fly London Mes II Black Leather Low Wedge Calf Boots

These iconic black leather wedged calf boots by Fly London are a firm favourite at Daniel Footwear. Wear this classic everyday style, throughout autumn and winter, with dresses, skirts or trousers. The comfortable saw edge sole will provide grip, support and comfort all day. Calf boots are making a comeback, and with the trendy buckle detail, you will have the best boots of the season.

For our complete boot Fly London boot range, browse the collection here.

Our top Fly London shoes

Fly London also offers a range of shoes and trainers for stylish and practical everyday wear. These shoes go with everything, so you can easily pull them on and handle your daily errands.

Fly London Delf White Leather Wedge Trainers

Fly London Delf White Leather Wedge Trainers

Everyone needs a pair of white trainers that go with everything. So why not opt for something that stands out from the crowd? The Delf white leather wedge trainers by Fly London offer a unique twist on the classic white trainer. Fly above the rest with these chic and sporty-style wedged trainers. The round toe makes these trainers super comfortable and great to pair with your off-duty wardrobe.

Fly London Ceza Denim Suede Lace Up Shoes

Fly London Ceza Denim Suede Lace Up Shoes

Don your blue suede shoes! The Fly London Ceza suede shoes in denim blue will be an eye-catching and quirky addition to your wardrobe. Add a splash of colour to your everyday wardrobe with these comfortable soled shoes.

Fly London Yaz Black Leather Wedge Court Shoes

Fly London Yaz Black Leather Wedge Court Shoes

Work shoes don’t have to be plain. Our Yaz black leather court shoes are popular because of their comfortable, ergonomic fit and quirky style. The wedged heel is sophisticated and practical, so you can comfortably wear these shoes all day. These easy-to-slip-on shoes provide easy wear and go with dresses, tights, trousers and suits for a professional look. 

For more stunning wedged shoes by Fly London, browse our trainers and flats collections. 

Our top Fly London sandals

If your sandals have seen better days, it might be time to upgrade. If your feet ached all summer while on holiday or exploring cities, it might be time to invest in a pair of sandals that support your feet. 

Fly London Bani Black Leather Big Buckle Sandals

Fly London Bani Black Leather Big Buckle Sandals

The Fly London Bani black leather sandals are one of our popular pairs of sandals this summer season. We’re pinning this on the Y2K trend having a moment. The chunky soles and buckle features remind us of a nostalgic time when jeans were low-rise and our hair was spikier. We absolutely love these sandals, so we aren’t surprised that our customers do too.

Fly London Bezo Black Leather Wedge Sandals

Fly London Bezo Black Leather Wedge Sandals

The Fly London look is all about the chunky wedge heel, and the Bezo black leather wedge sandals are no exception. They are bold, chunky sandals, perfect for warm days when you need something substantial on your feet to support your heels and arches. The quirky style gives a nostalgic feel that is currently on-trend. 

For more sandals by Fly London, shop the complete range in our Fly London sandals collection at Daniel Footwear. 

Discover Fly London at Daniel Footwear

Find your new favourite pair of shoes, boots or sandals here in the Fly London collection at Daniel Footwear. Browse our complete collection to find the best shoes for you. Whether you need shoes for everyday errands, show-stopping iconic boots to jazz up your wardrobe or a pair of comfortable and supportive sandals to walk in over summer, Fly London has everything you need. Discover Fly London at Daniel Footwear today.

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