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Birkenstock Arizona sandals: the best sandals you will ever own

Birkenstock Arizona sandals are one of the best-selling models of Birkenstock shoes worldwide. Since 1973, it has been the favourite of millions, many of whom have multiple pairs in various colours and materials. The classic design has gone on to shape the image of other Birkenstock designs, but the Arizona sandal function and basic design have hardly changed in four decades. However, it’s still as trendy today as it was when it was created, with more versions to choose from than any other style, making this model the must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. 

In this guide, we’re reviewing the classic Birkenstock Arizona sandal so you can choose the best sandal for you. We’ll answer your most commonly asked questions about this iconic sandal and tell you everything there is to know about the Arizona Birkenstocks.

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What is the Birkenstock Arizona sandal?

The Birkenstock Arizona has two adjustable straps with two nickel-free metal buckles. The anatomically formed footbed provides support and comfort even for long distances, which is why backpackers and globe trotters favour it. The high-quality, natural materials like natural cork, latex, EVA and suede are at the heart of the Arizona Birkenstock. 

The versatile two-strap sandal comes in various materials and colour combinations, meaning it can work well in work or leisure settings. 

Different Birkenstock Arizona styles at Daniel Footwear

Shirling lined

Birkenstock Arizona Shirling lined

The popular Arizona mules style has had an update for this season. The shearling-lined model features a cosy lining trim under the twin straps. 

The Classic

Birkenstock Arizona classic

Get the classic two-strap style in various materials and colours, for example, premium vegan Birko-flor upper and microfibre lining, metallic, premium suede and patent leather


Birkenstock Arizona EVA

Those who don’t want to give up the familiar comfort of these sandals when they go to the health and wellness spa, the beach or the pool can find their favourite pair of Birkenstocks in ultralight, highly-flexible EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) in a broad array of bold colours. Birkenstock Arizona EVA is also a fantastic option for vegans. 

The Split

Birkenstock Arizona Split

The Birkenstocks Split Arizona is a classic summer staple. This version features premium leather and nubuck straps in stylish multi-tone colours.

The Big Buckle

Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle

The Big Buckle version features a large pin buckle, giving the classic design an eye-catching refresh.

Extra cushioning

Birkenstock Arizona suede extra cushioning

You can also get the Birkenstock Arizona with an extra soft footbed for optimum comfort.

Are Birkenstock Arizona sandals waterproof?

Are Birkenstock Arizona sandals waterproof?

Most Birkenstock styles, including the Birkenstock Arizona, should not be immersed in water, as over-saturation can compromise the integrity of the sealed materials. 

However, the Birkenstock Arizona EVA offers a water-friendly style made of EVA. These are perfect for the poolside on holiday, at the beach, or where your feet might get wet.

Please note that hydrophobic styles are water-resistant but not waterproof, so avoid submerging them.

Are Birkenstock Arizona sandals good for walking?

Are Birkenstock Arizona sandals good for walking?

Birkenstock Arizona sandals are an excellent sandal option for walking because of their supportive footbed, ankle support and shock absorbency. The footbed already has an orthopaedic design with the contours of a healthy foot. This feature provides foot support and prevents arch collapse, but it also moulds to the shape of your foot, making them more comfortable as you break them in. The cork/latex blend is pliable and reacts to your natural body heat, resulting in a shoe fit that is unique to you. 

Birkenstock Arizona sandals also distribute your weight evenly, reducing the loading on your joints and maintaining your natural arch structure, which reduces the required effort when walking. Furthermore, Birkenstock Arizona sandals have a wider fit, letting your foot sit naturally without restriction to prevent bunions, blisters and calluses. 

Birkenstocks are great for long walks when touring, holidaying and travelling, but we wouldn’t recommend using them as a hiking shoe as they leave your foot vulnerable to the elements. The Birkenstock Arizona doesn’t have an ankle strap meaning it might slip off, and the EVA outsole does not offer much grip, which is not ideal for loose ground or wet rocks.

So, if you are walking in them, make sure you’re on even ground, break them in first and tighten the Arizona front strap to prevent it from slipping off. 

How do Birkenstock Arizona sandals fit?

Birkenstocks are renowned for fitting well as they mould to your foot shape as you wear them. Birkenstock sandals are usually available in two width sizes; regular and narrow. All our Birkenstocks in our Arizona collection feature a “narrow fit”, but please note that this fits like a “standard fit”, and you should only purchase the “regular” Birkenstocks if you have wider feet. 

All Birkenstocks fit well to your standard size. We stock UK sizes from 2-8. If you need a size guide and conversions between EU, US and UK sizing, view our Birkenstock shoe size guide online today. Although most Birkenstock styles are unisex, the narrow width caters more for women’s foot shape and gait.

Birkenstocks should be roomy. They support your foot with a firm and supportive footbed. The arch support and deep heel cup correct your foot position. With plenty of room for your toes, Birkenstocks can help distribute your weight evenly, helping with posture and balance and giving more comfort while walking.

Find the perfect Birkenstock fit

But if you’re in doubt, follow these steps, and you can find the perfect fitting Birkenstock.

  1. There should be approximately 5mm of space between the heel and the footbed edge.
  2. At the toes, there should be approximately 10mm of space between the toes and the footbed edge. 
  3. The sandal is too small if your toes or heels touch the edge or are just over it. Furthermore, the sandal is too big if there is too much space at the toe and heel. 
  4. If the balls of your feet or toes overlap the edge at the sides, the sandal is too narrow.
  5. Adjust the front strap of the Birkenstock Arizona to create approximately 5mm of space between the straps and your foot arch.
  6. The upper strap should have approximately 10mm of space.
  7. You can adjust the straps as you wear the sandals. They don’t have to be even from the left or right foot, and keep checking the strap fit as they stretch over time.

When you first break in your Birkenstocks, they can feel hard, so don’t wear them for more than a few hours. After a few days, they will mould to your foot and be the comfiest sandals you’ve ever owned.

How long do Birkenstock Arizona sandals last?

Birkenstock sandals are an investment for the future. Purchasing high-quality materials will give you a product with a longer life every time, serving you year after year. The high-quality natural and synthetic materials in the Birkenstock Arizona sandals are long-lasting and durable. 

Birkenstock does not offer a specific timeframe guarantee. However, some claim that their Birkenstocks lasted them for decades. It all depends on how well you treat and look after them. Also, Birkenstock encourages wearers to take their sandals to repair shops to elongate their life. 

How to make your Birkenstocks last longer

Help your Birkenstock Arizona sandals last longer by following these steps. 

  • Avoid water. Cork and water don’t mix. If you get them wet, air dry them and don’t use a heat source, as this can pucker the leather.
  • Keep your Birkenstocks away from extreme heat as it will shrink the soles, and the straps will start to pull away from the cork.
  • Your cork sole will inevitably wear with time. If the cork sole starts to look dull or dry, re-apply some cork sealant to make it shiny again. 
  • Use cork patches if you have cork loss or cracking, especially at the bend point.
  • If you wear down the outsoles, you can replace them. Or if you drag your heels while you walk, you can get heel taps at your local cobblers or shoe repair shop to protect them.
  • If your footbed is stained or starts to peel, you can also replace the footbed. However, you can also give the footbed a good clean. The best way to clean the suede footbed liner is with fine sandpaper (160-180 grit). Gently rub the sandpaper on the footbed to remove oil and sweat. Then brush it off with a soft nylon brush. 
  • If your straps are dirty, you can clean them, but the method depends on the material. You can give your vegan Birko-Flor sandals a new lease of life with mild soap and water. Cleaning smooth leather requires leather lotion or saddle soap. Suede can benefit from a stiff bristle brush. Lastly, Oiled leather is best left alone to age naturally.

With a little TLC, most people can keep their Birkenstocks for years.

Birkenstock Arizona Sandles at Daniel Footwear

Now you know everything there is to know about the Birkenstock Arizona sandal, which are best around water, how long they last, how good they are for walking and for your posture and foot health. Why not browse the collection online today and find your new favourite pair of sandals? Or, discover our full range of women’s Birkenstock sandals here at Daniel Footwear and find a model that suits you best.

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